WWCN and Bolingbrook Dance Force collect 2500 Pairs of Shoes for Countries in Need

WWCN and Bolingbrook Dance Force collect 2500 Pairs of Shoes for Countries in Need

unnamed unnamedWow – there are no words! The Shoe Drive we worked so hard on April-June was a wonderful success! World Wide Cancer Network along with the Bolingbrook Dance Force collected over 2500 pairs of shoes that will now be sent to third world countries in need. All the shoes collected were individually inspected to make sure that they are matched and wearable.   We are very grateful to be living in a community that is so caring and giving to the needs of those less fortunate. Many of the donations received were from middle school band students in the Plainfield, IL school district. By working on this project, students were made aware of the fact that there are so many people around the world that don’t have the bare necessities of life and that they should be greatful for what they have and willing to support those who are in need.

Cancer Network Donates Teddy Bears to Hospitals for Christmas

Bolingbrook – Hospitals are never a fun place for a child, but at the holidays, being a patient can be especially tough.  Thanks to a local organization, children at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital are receiving a special holiday gift.

The Egypt Cancer Network, a U.S. based non-profit that helps further cancer education, research and care, as well as medical infrastructure in Egypt along with National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA), is donating teddy bears to the hospital, just in time for Christmas.  The organization has set up collection points around the community and is accepting new teddy bears to donate to the hospitals.

“We hope these teddy bears can help reduce stress, anxiety and boredom and help children recover faster,” said Mary Alexander-Basta, Egypt Cancer Network Chicago Chapter President. “It’s part of our mission to provide support to organizations focused on cancer and patient care.  We hope we make a child’s holiday a little brighter.”

The bears will be given to the pediatric and emergency departments within the hospital.  “We appreciate this generous donation so much,” said Ronda Klocko of Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.  “For an organization to donate something that will help children in all of our hospitals is very special.  It truly epitomizes the meaning of Christmas.”

Kiddie Karts 4 Cancer

unnamed unnamedKiddie Karts 4 Cancer transporting kids to their therapy in a colorful and fun car instead of a wheel chair.

Sow Many Blessings

unnamedSow Many Blessings is an official chapter of Crochet for Cancer, Inc. Sow Many Blessings is Located in DeKalb, Illinois and is a Christian volunteer based non-profit that donates handmade chemo caps to cancer centers for patients coping with hair loss due to treatment. Worldwide Cancer Network works with Sow Many Blessings to provide Cancer Hats to the children of CCHE (Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt) as well as other pediatric cancer patients in the U.S. to give back to local community.

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ECN at VCU; College Students Lending a Helping Hand

1 Over the past year, ECN at Virginia Commonwealth University has set out on a mission to help support the children in the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital of Cairo. ECN at VCU is a non-profit student organization that has worked closely with ECN USA to help involve college students in the worldwide fight against cancer. Although college students might lack the resources, this is made up for with our collective manpower, and our enthusiasm to this great cause. It is our goal to not only raise money for the Egyptian Cancer Network but to also raise awareness on ECN’s efforts of providing every child with the proper treatment to live a quality life.

2To cap off the year, ECN VCU took part in the “Caps for Cancer” initiative in order to give the college students a way to make a direct tangible impact to the children going through cancer treatment. We partnered with several student organizations including: Emerging Healthcare Leaders (EHL), Arab Student Association (ASA), and Egyptian Student Association of North America (ESANA) throughout the year. Together, we held fundraisers, and hosted events where we donated multiple caps and made 50+ heartfelt cards of support to send to the children overseas. Individually, the prospect of making a worldwide impact seemed daunting, but collectively we are blessed to have had the opportunity to do our part in the fight against childhood cancer. We are proud to have raised over $550, and successfully introduced the ideology of ECN to the students at our college campus over the past year. This has been a very humbling experience for us all, and we look forward to continuing our work next year.

57357 is Home and Harbor for our Children After being the first admitted patient to be treated and cured at 57357, Sherif joins the Hospital staff team

In 2007, he was the first patient admitted to the Hospital and in 2016 he became one of its staff

Sherif “At 57357 I learned to dream big and to make my dreams come true”

“Before I was diagnosed with cancer my dream was to become a chef but after my recovery I started to dream to be a computer programmer.”

Sherif’s story started back on July, 7, 2007, which was a very hard day to the then little boy Sherif Mubark and his family. On that day, Sherif arrived at Hospital 57357 and was the first patient to be admitted to the Hospital. In July 2016, he was again admitted to the Hospital but this time as one of its staff: Sherif is now an employee with 57357’s Information Technology Department and the newest member of the Hospital Team. Nine years have passed and despite he has fully recovered; Sherif has always been in contact with the Hospital and his friends among doctors, pharmacists and nurses at 57357. To him, Hospital 57357 is not just a place for medical treatment, but a harbor… a big home that is always open for its children, even after they are cured. The beginning of Sherif’s journey with cancer is no different from that of other sick children, which we unfortunately witness every day. A little boy with a heart full of fear after being diagnosed with Lymph Nodes Cancer … he now knows that he has to spend time away from his home, family, friends and school and must start a long and difficult journey of treatment. Yet, what really matters in Sherif’s story is its end or rather its new start, which proves that the image of this ugly disease that we all fear has changed at Hospital 57357. This is not just a medical institution that cures cancer but it also teaches people how to beat despair, teaches our children how to fight and beat cancer, and calls its survivors victorious heroes. Hospital 57357 even goes a step further by helping its cancer survivors to start a new life and plan big for their future, Sherif being the best example of this.

With a big smile full of hope Sherif Says “the best thing that happened to me here is that they were treating me as a normal child, telling me that I had to be a hero and rely on my will and faith to beat cancer. They were encouraging me all the time to practice hobbies and activities, attend parties and study so that I would not miss on anything at school. It took me no time to feel that I was among my new family and that the Hospital is my second home, I even found in doctors and nurses new friends that made up for those I left behind. Thanks be to God, being treated at 57357, I learned how to beat cancer but the most important thing is that I feel I was reborn here, they taught me how to organize and manage my time to make the best of it, also, how to set goals and have the power to achieve them. At that time, I was an average student in Hotels High School and my dream was to become a chef, but after I recovered, I passed high school with a very high score (94%) and enrolled at the Faculty of Computer Science. My dream of becoming a chef was replaced by a new desire to become a computer programmer.”

Sherif goes on saying “my treatment journey at 57358 ended years ago… but my relationship with the Hospital, the doctors and all the staff has never ended … to me the Hospital is a home and harbor. I have come here very often and helped among the volunteers, the management encouraged me to become a trainee at the Hospital and today I made the biggest dream of my life come true! I am starting my job in the Information Technology Department at 57357. I always hoped to be able to help the sick children and contribute to the success of this great medical institution and become part of it. We are determined to cure more and more children and to train new generations in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, scientific research, IT and nursing as well as any relevant fields.

57357 Tanta Branch Honors the Egyptian Hero Mahmoud Elkomi

Elkomi to Hospital Staff and Children “you are real life heroes and fighters…I invite all Egyptians to support our children at 57357”

“My message to the Egyptian youth is that our love to Egypt entails hard work and sacrifices, not just slogans on Facebook”

Our Children at Hospital 57357- Tanta enjoyed spending a joyful day with a real life Egyptian Hero, “Mahmoud Elkomi,” the courageous and brave Egyptian police who is widely known for his heroic actions and bravery. Elkomi is an explosives expert who was severely injured when his armored vehicle was attacked and exploded by terrorists while he was on duty in Alareesh. His visit to 57357 was part of the honorary ceremony held by the Hospital staff and children for him. All the staff of Tanta Branch were pleased and proud to meet with him as they all see him as an icon of the sacrifices made every day by our patriotic police officers. He is one of the role models and idols we need to introduce to our children, not only at 57357, but all over Egypt, so that the younger generations will recognize the real concept of heroism, bravery and patriotism as well as the continuous sacrifices made by the Egyptian police, to whom we owe our safety and security. The children surrounded the hero with faces full of joy and happiness; they presented him a picture of him, signed by the children. The Hospital also presented Elkomi a badge of honor and appreciation. Elkomi was accompanied by his parents, wife and mother-in-law. They were welcomed at the Hospital by Gen. Nabil Abdel Fattah – the Security Director of Algharbeya Governorate, together with the Hospital’s managers Dr. Assem Khalaf and Dr. Mohamed Fawzi and all the staff.

Mahmoud Elkmoi had a warm meeting with the children and their families and the Hospital Staff during which he said “you are just heroes and fighters like me and my colleagues… what you do for Egypt is no less than what we do.” He added “I know every room in this great Hospital… I used to come here very often before I got injured … I have always been in contact with Dr. Assem through my work for the civil defense department. My wife also visits the Hospital from time to time and enjoys spending long hours with the kids here.”

Elkomi further added that he invites and calls upon all Egyptians to dedicate some time for the support and motivation of our children at 57357 saying “I learned from my hard experience of the injury that the psychological condition constitutes half the journey towards recovery … the support I received from my wife and family formed the solid basis for my high spirit and perseverance to overcome such trauma and my positive response to the treatment I received.”

He further stated that our beloved homeland Egypt deserves sacrifices; Elkomi said “I lost one eye so that Egypt will see the light and lost my legs for Egypt to keep standing in pride and strength and I am willing to give up my soul for Egypt and Egyptians.” His statements were not merely slogans but were coming from his heart and that is why they were heartfelt by all of us.

For those who do not know the story of Mahmoud Elkomi:
On the 9th of January 2016, an explosive package targeted the armored vehicle where he was in Alareesh, he was severely injured to the extent that he lost one of his eyes and both his legs, in addition to the loss of hearing in one of his ears and severe injuries in the abdomen and chest. He then travelled to London, with another 37 Egyptian heroes, for treatment. After receiving treatment for more than six months, he returned to Egypt on a short visit to see his family and will travel again in October to continue his treatment.

Elkomi mentioned that he had had 18 surgeries in London for the use of prostheses (artificial limbs) and the treatment of major injuries in the abdomen, chest and ear. He still needs more surgeries and to continue the treatment of his injured ear to regain 80% of hearing ability God willing. He also said that he is so pleased with the appreciation he and his colleagues are receiving from President Abdel Fattah Elsisi, the government of Egypt, and the Egyptian people which is felt and seen in people’s eyes wherever he goes. Elkomi further said “when the President kissed my head, such thoughtful gesture conveys and strongly confirms the message that the State appreciates not only me, but every injured Egyptian and martyr.” About what makes him unhappy, Elkomi said that he feels really sad for the presence of some Egyptians who work against the interests of Egypt and are only concerned about their personal interests and the presence of others who only show their love to Egypt via Facebook. In this regard he stated “I hope that the Egyptian youth will understand that Egypt’s love and patriotism needs to be shown not only via Facebook and social media posts but through hard work and real sacrifices.”

In our turn, we at Hospital 57357 express our appreciation and gratitude to the hero Mahmoud Elkomi and to each martyr or injured Egyptian and all their families who sacrificed the most during these hard times our homeland is going through; for we as well as all Egyptians owe you our safety and security and the least we can do to return your favors is to honor and support you. We care for you and we are extremely proud of all of you

Tarek, the 57357 Tanta patient with the golden smile, has overcome the cancer

Remember Tarek, the 57357 Tanta branch patient whose smile and high spirits were performing miracles. Tarek is from Banha. His father is an engineer and his mother a school teacher. He is 10 years old and has three siblings Tarek has a brain tumor and was admitted in 57357 a year ago in July. He underwent an operation to remove water on the brain and then a biopsy. His physician Dr. Yasser Youssef prescribed 31 radiotherapy sessions and 12 chemotherapy ones. He received his chemotherapy at 57357’s Tanta branch because it is nearer to his home in Banha province. Tarek was less tired after receiving the treatment in Tanta and all the Branch staff were helpful and supportive.

The first time I laid eyes on him was during the cartoon characters festival Hospital 57357 Cairo had organized for the children in April. You cannot but be charmed by his beautiful laughter. He carries a smile that lightens up his face and instills hope in anyone who reaches out to him.

Today , I ran into him for the second time at 57357’s Cairo Hospital. He was embracing his mother and sister with tears of joy. He was just informed by his physician that he had completely recovered and completed his treatment. He would now start his follow-up phase and return to his normal daily routine. He has overcome the cancer.
Tarek’s mother confides in me: We are so grateful for all the professionals in this Hospital and in Tanta who restored back our lives to us. I pray that all the children here would find cure and hope in a better future as did my son Tarek.

Thanks to our donors’ valuable support, Tarek and many more patients are receiving top quality care and offered the best opportunities for cure here and now in Cairo and in Tanta.
In the very near future, with the completion of our capacity expansion projects, nearly all of Egypt’s children with cancer will be offered the same opportunities ( God Willing )

All Hospital ultra-sound machines were up-graded to include an up to date technology which enables the fusion of ultra sound results with the corresponding CT and MRI imagery. This feature leads to better diagnostic results.

The mammography equipment was upgraded from analogue to digital technology. It is noteworthy that 57357 is presently endowed with a complete up to date breast cancer detection unit with the latest ultra-sound and bone-density equipment.  Besides being a source of revenue for the Hospital, the unit’s service surplus is enabling the Hospital to service the community and to participate on a national level in breast cancer detection campaigns.

Finally, the department is presently operating with the latest PACS (Picture and Archiving Communication Systems) technology which provides economical storage of and convenient access to radiology images from multiple modalities. Through this new technology, radiology images are one click away, enabling timely, efficient, and remote access of physicians to the images; which is particularly useful in emergencies and in telemedicine. The new system which is fully integrated to the Hospital’s informatics system,  enables it to store and archive its radiology images in a digital secure manner; saving costs of storage, and printing.

Hospital 57357 Hosts the Training Conference of Cairo Boot Camp Advocacy (NCD free) Innovation Leadership

Hospital 57357 CEO: “We fully support your Initiative and the Egyptian youth … Egyptians built 57357 with their donations and now you are going on towards making a real change in the society.”

Yesterday, Friday, July 22, 2016, the “Training Conference of Cairo Boot Camp Advocacy – (NCD free) Innovation Leadership” was launched at Hospital 57357 and will last for two days. The Conference is part of the NCD Free Initiative, which employs technology to raise and spread health awareness and the adoption of healthy habits and food in our daily life. The members of the initiative focus on the use of social media, such as instgram, facebook and twitter to reach out to the youth around the world and introduce them to non-communicable diseases (NCD), with the aim of spreading useful and healthy habits that contribute to the building of societies that enjoy health and welfare.

Among the honorable dignitaries that attended the launching of the Conference was Dr. Maysa Shawki – the Deputy of the Minister of Health, Dr. Nihal Almogharbel – the Deputy of the Minister of Planning, together with an outstanding group of the concerned public figures and university students who are volunteering for the Initiative. The dear guests were warmly welcomed by Dr. Sherif Abou Elnaga – CEO of 57357 Group, Dr. Hanaa Farid – Director of Strategic Planning and Development of Resources at 57357 Foundation. In his welcome speech, 57357’s CEO addressed the attendees saying “you are wonderful young Egyptians, we will fully support you, you are the future of Egypt and you are the ones that will continue the journey of our society and its achievements.”

Dr. Maysa Shawki, the Deputy of the Minister of Health: “I am glad that the Conference is launched at 57357 … it is one of my dreams is to see our society fully aware of these diseases and to protect itself from them.”

In her speech, Dr. Maysa Shawki praised the event and said “I really appreciate this event for its pursuit to raise and spread awareness of NCD through social media. It is taking serious and practical steps towards the dream of eradicating those kinds of diseases; personally, it is one of my dreams to see our society having the knowledge and awareness of those diseases in order to protect itself from them.”

Similarly, Dr. Lamis Rageb expressed her admiration of the event in her speech about the Initiative and praised the role of the two brothers Bassem and Baher in the Initiative and in the cooperation with the two Australian brothers – the founders of the Initiative. Dr. Rageb said that they are a role model of successful youth that work for achieving real change and they succeeded in communicating their constructive thinking to their peers. She further added that volunteers played the major role in the establishment of Hospital 57357 that is why it presents the perfect place for launching this Initiative in Egypt through this Conference.

Baher and Bassem, the young two brothers and coordinators of the NCD-Free Innovation Leadership Initiative in Egypt “We choose Hospital 57357 because it embodies innovation in the field of health care services, besides being an icon of leadership and management.”

In an interview with the two brothers Baher and Bassem Hegazy, the Coordinators of the Initiative in Egypt, they said “We hope that through this Conference we will be able to inspire young generations to exert their best endeavors to protect the health of the individuals in their communities and be able of making real positive changes. We are working to bring more benefits to our homeland by raising awareness on the causes of these diseases in order to reduce their rates, eventually reduce the rates of the costs allocated for them by the Ministry of Health. Our goal is NCD- Free Society.” About how they came to know this Initiative, Dr. Baher said that while attending a conference in Switzerland, he met one of the two founders of the Initiative worldwide, who are also two brothers from Australian origin, they had a conversation about the Initiative and its importance and agreed that the two Egyptian brothers Baher and Bassem will be the coordinators of the Initiative in Egypt. We communicate with a huge group of young people via social media, which are known to be favored by the majority of the youth. Then, the Minister of Health welcomed the idea and accepted to sponsor and to support us. Also, Hospital 57357 supported us and hosted the First Conference of the Initiative. He added that one of the reasons we choose 57357 is that fact that it stands out and embodies innovations in the field of the provision of health care services as well as the fields of leadership and management.

Mr. Jack Fischer, the Global Coordinator of the NCD-Free Initiative provided detailed explanation of NCD and their types, such as cancer, lung diseases, diabetes, heart diseases and mental health diseases. He further referred to several statistics and talked about the applicable action plan until 2030. Mr. Fisher also elaborated on how the reduction of the rates of these diseases contributes to great extent in economic development. Smoking, pollution and unhealthy nutritional habits are among the main causes of NCD. There is no doubt that Egyptians need to enjoy a safe and healthy life, moreover, there are fixed plans to control the spread of these diseases, which kill about 36 million persons all over the world every year. Mr. Fisher also said “we rely on the youth in introducing and spreading our Initiative, the young generations represent the future and today, from Cairo – Egypt, we are declaring to the world that we care and we shall continue our efforts via instgram, movies and social media and that we are determined to spread our ideas and increase awareness of NCD.”

Hospital 57367 – Knowledge into Action