Hope and Knowledge into Action

The Vision

To be the unique, worldwide icon of change towards a cancer-free childhood.

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Mission Into Action

With passion, compassion and dedication, our full-time staff is treating the sick child and his family as if they were their own.

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Get Involved

Help make a difference in the lives of the world’s childhood cancer patients, survivors & their families.

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What We Do

Our mission is to facilitate the most innovative global solutions for cancer treatment, research, and education to ensure that all children AROUND THE WORLD will one day be CANCER FREE.

About Us

About Us

Egypt Cancer Network 57357 and AFNCI (ECN), a U.S. based 501c3 non-profit helping to further cancer education, research, and care as well as medical infrastructure in Egypt.

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Our Leadership

Our Leadership

View our full Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and Medical Advisory Committee.

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Our Partners

Our Partners

Our sponsored organizations were selected based on their impact in Egypt on cancer care, education, research and advocacy.

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What We're Doing

Hospital 57357 Expansion

The international architectural design firm Jonathan Bailey has been selected by CCHE to design the planned CCHE expansion. An American firm, Jonathan Bailey was chosen as it is renowned for its unique vision for healthcare facilities. Not only is Jonathan Bailey an expert in hospital design, but firm leaders also know current European and American benchmark standards for pediatrics, oncology and hospital design... MORE

Hospital 57357 Global Education and Training

ECN is in the process of negotiating a joint fellowship program between Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Cancer Hospital. ECN has been instrumental in developing the partnership between these institutions. ECN also established a medical advisory board to support the long-term sustainability of the curriculum... MORE

Patient Care and Medical Infrastructure

Both NCI and Hospital 57357 were in distress due to the threat of a severe national shortage of a vital drug given to its acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients. ALL is the most common malignancy diagnosed in children, representing nearly one third of all pediatric cancers. These patients number in the thousands and spend three years during their treatment period taking a daily dose of 50 to 75mg... MORE

Naming Opportunity Program

The naming opportunity programs provide you with the chance to purchase a room, department or equipment as a legacy gift for you or a loved one.

What We've Done

ECN plays major role in sponsoring 57357’s expansion into a Heath Sciences Campus

Renowned global architecture firm, RTKL, to design the campus Thanks to ECN’s firm belief in the worthiness and inevitability of this important expansion, the network initially agreed to fund the architectural design of 57357’s new Health and Sciences Campus... MORE

Egypt Cancer Network (ECN) Supports a Major 57357 and AFNCI Staff Learning and Development Program

57357’s Restructured Training Department Program to be launched end of October With a new title, “learning and development L&D “and a new slogan” we learn …we cure”, 57357’s training department is undergoing a major... MORE

What's New

High school students came to lift up the children’s spirits…….They left hopeful and encouraged On Sunday, March 13th, 2016, the CCHE was blessed with... MORE

Last week we received an E-mail from one member of the second group of fellowship trainees, Grace Mbatia who shared her enthusiasm with the transformative... MORE

To maximize our children’s experience and to distract them while receiving radiotherapy. In collaboration with the radiotherapy department and the “For the love of... MORE