Mercaptopurine Supply

With the help of Mr. Mohamed Eladma, an Egyptian American Pharmacist, ECN secured and paid for a six month supply of MERCAPTOPURINE for both Hospital 57357 and the National Cancer Institute.

Both NCI and Hospital 57357 were in distress due to the threat of a severe national shortage of a vital drug given to its acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients. ALL is the most common malignancy diagnosed in children, representing nearly one third of all pediatric cancers. These patients number in the thousands and spend three years during their treatment period taking a daily dose of 50 to 75mg. This drug helps to slowly restore to the body to a healthy bone marrow and kill any emerging malignant cells that could appear after the initial treatment period.

Any interruption in the intake of this drug would have endangered the patient’s treatment plan and any chance for cure. When ECN received the distress call from Hospital 57357, a solidarity chain immediately kicked into action, linking Pharmacist Mohamad Elaadma with our board members, the U.S. Egyptian Embassy and the Consulate in New York.


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