Frequently Asked Questions

What are yearly operating expenses for ECN?



What percentage of donations are put towards overhead expenses?

23% in 2011, which includes administrative and marketing costs. It is our goal to get this overhead cost into the single digits by the end of 2012.


If I donate to Egypt Cancer Network 57357, can I specify where I want my money to go?

Yes, you can specify where you want your money to go by selecting an option from the drop-down menu entitled “Designation”.


What is the operating cost for Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357?

130 million Egyptian pounds (L.E.) per year or $21.3 million


What countries do children come from for medical attention at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57375?

Most of the foreign children that come for treatment at CCHE come from neighbouring Arab states, including, but not limited to, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Yemen and United Arab Emirates, among others from the region, Europe and beyond.


What percentage of children being treated at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57375 are foreign?

Approximately 3%


What is the age limit for children seeking treatment at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57375?

The child must be 18 years or younger at the time they are admitted for treatment.


How does at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57375 select which children they will treat, if they can only currently treat every 1 in 4 children?

The admittances are made on a first-come, first-serve basis according to the vacant number of beds every day, while simultaneously respecting schedules for existing patients so as not to disturb or delay their treatment.


How does donating to Egypt Cancer Network 57357 benefit the United States?

ECN purchases American goods (medicines) and services (technology) to support our programs; for example, ECN pays Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital Boston to train Egyptian pediatric oncologists in the International Fellowship program. ECN also pays American architects to collaborate on construction projects for the new extension of Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57375. Simultaneously, your donations are bolstering the relationship between American and Egyptian medical institutions, in general and on an individual doctor and staff member level. Through the strengthening of these relationships, valuable information is exchanged between the two countries and therefore more children are cancer-free. Your donations are ultimately put towards the greater good of humanity.





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