U.S. Teaching Hospitals


The top U.S. academic medical centers are leading the way in finding a cure for cancer. Physicians at these teaching hospitals are teaming up to create training programs that will allow Egypt to leverage the knowledge at these great U.S. institutions, while also mitigating any risk of brain drain (Egyptian physicians remaining in the U.S. to work). Led by physicians at Harvard Medical School’s affiliated hospitals, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital Boston, our Medical Advisory Committee is developing international fellowships in pediatric oncology to allow for U.S. based rotations and visiting scholars. The Medical Advisory Committee is mobilizing a network of specialists throughout the U.S. who are deeply passionate and committed to the work being done in Egypt by Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357.

Through combined training, both in the United States, Egypt and the regions will benefit from these unprecedented international fellowships. As a result of these programs, physicians and nurses in both the U.S. and Egypt will benefit from knowledge sharing, while also providing children in the region with access to care uniquely available in the U.S.