Sherif Abouelnaga M.D.


Sherif Abouelnaga has been a specialist of pediatric oncology for 25 years and received his appointment of Professor Pediatric Hematology Oncology in 2005 through the Cairo University and the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Sherif has had extensive experience in pediatric oncology as well as broad experience in program development and has been the visionary and driving force of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 the first in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, . Dr. Sherif lead the change for upgrading standards of healthcare for pediatric oncology patients at the National Cancer Institute in Cairo and adopting the most current healthcare management techniques believing that management is a science whose techniques must be applied in the overburdened healthcare system existing in Egypt. His passion for improving the lives of Egyptian children with cancer has lead him into tackling many issues from the development of the first clinical pharmacies in Egypt, upgrading blood bank and donor programs, creating proper tools for statistical gathering, fundraising, marketing, training and continuing professional development for all disciplines and levels of staff, clinical research, to facility design and program implementation. His most significant achievement is the state of the art Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 which was opened in 2007 after 10 years of planning and construction. It is the largest children’s cancer hospital in the world and is completely free for all patients. Under his direction, the training and development and research departments have developed comprehensive programs and strategies to ensure the position of the CCHE as a leader in quality healthcare delivery. He is the acknowledged leader in developing an entirely new concept of fundraising in Egypt and is responsible for raising over 2 billion LE for his various healthcare projects in the last 25 years.