Dr. Shahenda El Naggar Attends Training Workshop in Boston, MA in November 2011

In order for CCHE to provide top care, it must recruit top physicians and professions and stay on the cutting edge. In order to do these things, it must have a robust research program. Part of ensuring that CCHE lives up to these standards is educational sponsorship for its distinguished professionals.

Dr. Shahenda ElNaggar, Head of Basic Research at CCHE 57357 paid a visit to Boston, MA, USA in November 2011 to attend a workshop organised by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) entitled “Translational Research for Basic Scientists”. The workshop focused on drug development, visits to several departments at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and site visits to various clinics around Boston, among other important topics.

Her visit also allowed her to spend a week at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute being trained in neurosphere and slice culture, two techniques needed for valuable research at CCHE. In doing so, Dr. ElNaggar was able to establish collaborative relationships with several skilled oncology professionals from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. In her free time, Dr. ElNaggar had the chance to visit Boston University’s Egyptian Club, just as they were beginning their BU Challenge fundraising campaign for CCHE.

Her visit was proudly sponsored by ECN as part of our ongoing effort to aid our excellent staff in enhancing their knowledge, thereby improving the quality of treatment at CCHE.

Please visit this page again in the near future as we will be updating it regularly with new information on the impact of this visit and projects associated with it.