Fellowship Program

ECN is in the process of negotiating a joint fellowship program between Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Cancer Hospital. ECN has been instrumental in developing the partnership between these institutions. ECN also established a medical advisory board to support the long-term sustainability of the curriculum. Members of this board include physicians from prominent institutions, namely Johns Hopkins, Dana-Farber, Children’s Hospital Boston, Texas Children’s and Iowa Children’s.

This combined fellowship/training program is designed to improve the pediatric oncology survival rates and outcomes within Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa, while simultaneously allowing for a mutual exchange of information, knowledge and experience for both doctors from the region and also from the United States.

The program consists of two tracks, the first of which is a 3-year fellowship in general pediatric oncology, and the second of which is a 12-month option focusing on select subspecialties. The fellowship will be mostly based at Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 in Cairo and will encompass clinical assignments, mentoring, research and live telemedicine lectures. Portions of the fellowship will also be conducted at DFCHCC in Boston, MA, USA. The course curriculum will be set according to the American Academy of Pediatrics with a primary focus on pediatric malignancies. Throughout the program DFCHCC physicians and physicians from other American institutions will be invited to Cairo to lecture the fellows and CCHE staff, as well as train CCHE staff in mentoring and evaluation skills.

The program proposes to have 6 pediatric oncology fellows in a single year, with a total cost per fellow over the three years being $264,000. 2 new fellows will be added every year for the first 3 years, with two graduating every year starting in year 3 and beyond. It will cost $1.6M to graduate 6 fellows over a period of five years. In order to support this program, ECN will need to raise nearly $500k over the next 3 years, starting with $134k in 2012.

On September 21st, 2012, the International Fellowship in Pediatric Oncology was signed into effect by representatives from Dana-Farber Cancer Center (DFCI), Children’s Hospital Boston (BCH) and Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE) in a signing ceremony held at DFCI and attended by dignitaries from all three aforementioned institutions. For more information on the signing ceremony, please click here.

ECN is currently in the process of seeking funding sources for this exciting opportunity, which we expect to have off the ground by this time next year. Please join us in supporting this program by sending your ideas for grants that we may be eligible for to info@egyptcancernetwork.org . Come back to this page in the near future for updates on the status of the fellowship program.


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