57357 Expansion Project

Extension Binder

Click on the above binder to see what the expansion might look like with your help. The entire cost of the expansion will be in the neighborhood of 80 million US dollars for construction and approximately another 40 million for the equipment.

Despite the recent building of a satellite  hospital in Tanta and addition of another 60 beds at the main hospital, raising overall capacity to 300 beds, the following needs remain:

  • CCHE 57357 has become the major treatment center for childhood brain tumors throughout the region and needs a sophisticated neuro-sciences department which will have 4 OR’s with intra-operative MRI, ICU and a much larger number of inpatient beds to accommodate this complicated multi-support group of patients who may be hospitalized for long term stays because of disease and treatment.
  • The department of radiology needs to expand to accommodate the large numbers of cases for diagnostic imaging, particularly MRI and CT scan. The department of radiotherapy needs to expand to accommodate the latest technology to meet the needs of children and to provide the state of the art center for treating adults, which will provide the hospital with income.
  • The surgical pathology department needs to expand because of the large number of surgical cases. The existing space does not allow for increased number of staff or additional state of the art equipment, which is necessary to employ the latest techniques in diagnosis.  The laboratory as well needs more space for diagnosis and research.
  • The pharmacy prepares over 80,000 IV medication orders per month in the existing clean room. There is a need to expand the area to accommodate the existing demand as well as a significantly increased demand resulting from bed expansion.
  • The existing outpatient clinic needs expansion in the waiting areas and play areas. The information technology department needs area for expansion to accommodate the data center.
  • Educational space is stretched to capacity and requires expansion. Research space to do scientific bench research is lacking and space is required for a bio repository to accommodate the rich amount of tissue and genetic material being gathered, which can be sued for study of cancer genetics and biology.
  • Administration space is need for physician and support staff.
  • Expansion of the bone marrow transplant unit with an additional 25 beds is needed.