Maged Malek, Ph.D., Am. ASCE


Chair of Construction Management Department & Director of the infrastructure Research Center

University of North Florida, College of Computing, Engineering and Construction


University of Central Florida,  Ph.D., Engineering  (1996), Dissertation – “Constructability Assessment Using Fuzzy Logic Modeling”

The American University (AUC), Diploma (~MS) Management (1977)

Cairo University, MS, Engineering (1978)

The American University (AUC), BS , Materials Eng. (1975)

Acrow Corp., Certificate, Industrial Training                    

NASA, Training, Software Applications      



UNIVERSITY OF NORTH  FLORIDA, Jacksonville, Florida                     2001- Present

Chair, Department of Construction Management (CM) and Associate Professor, responsible for departmental financial, personnel and academic program matters.  Provide the leadership role in accreditation matters. Defined and secured approval for an

Infrastructure Research Center and currently serve as the Center Director.  Continue to serve as the Director of Graduate Studies in the CM MBA program. (2008-present)


Associate Professor, taught various courses in the construction management academic program.  In partnership with the Coggin College of Business, had the leadership role in  establishing an MBA program with a specialization in Construction Management. Research activities include an industrial research grant, a sponsored research grant and educational grants. (2001-2008)



SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY, Statesboro, Georgia (1998 -2001)

Assistant Professor, taught various courses in the Department of Construction & Contracting, School of Technology. Was awarded Graduate Faculty Status based on teaching performance.

MERCER UNIVERSITY, Macon, Georgia (1997-1998) 

Visiting Assistant Professor, taught various courses in the Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering. Awarded Graduate Faculty Status.

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, Orlando, Florida (1996- 1997) 

Adjunct Teacher, taught various courses in the Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering.




Kennedy Space Center, Florida       (1989-1993)

Space Center infrastructure design, fabrication and maintenance.

Senior System Engineer, responsible for all engineering specifications for the NASA pier used in the retrieval of rocket boosters and for the analysis and repair of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station concrete slabs. Participated in the design of the rail system required for the transport of rocket boosters from Florida to Utah.  Other assignments included review and approval of problem reports, change orders, and modified specifications and customer liaison. (1991-1993)

System Engineer, responsible for conducting itemized testing, bench testing and integrated testing of components for the Atlas Retrieval Program. Member of the contract proposal development team in response to Air Force Request for Proposal (RFP) for Minute Man Missile Sites. (1989-1991)

AYOUBCO/PERINI CONSTRUCTION CO. (1983-1989), Heavy civil construction companies.

Quality Control Manager, managed a $300 million city concrete construction program. Responsibilities included the direction and coordination of both equipment and material across multiple construction sites, selection and purchase of project materials and the supervision of concrete mixing and pouring. Extensive experience in concrete roofs, tank surfaces, subsurface and water proofing. Extensive knowledge in areas such as concrete pouring, mix design, additives, chemicals, quality control, and concrete specifications. Performed detailed cost analyses and responsible for subcontractor negotiations.    


ICAT CONSTRUCTION CO., New York and Cairo, (1979-1983)

Commercial construction company.

Project Manager & Assistant General Construction Manager managed the concrete construction of two high rise towers ($40M). Responsibilities included the management of concrete construction operations including planning, bidding, project schedules, cost analysis, daily site operations and vendor contractor negotiations and claims settlement. 


TROUILLARD CORP., Paris, France (1976-1979)            Commercial construction company.Quality Control Engineer, responsible for testing concrete slabs, other concrete structures and the design and control of various concrete mixes. Extensive knowledge of pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete and pre-fab with the  Pre-fab Trouillard Concrete System.




Jounal Publications:


M. Malek, J. Sorce and J. Murcia, “Overview of Emerging Technological Innovations in Construction Management”, The American Professional Constructor Journal, accepted for publication in the Spring 2012 Issue.

M. Graeff, M.Malek, A. El-Safty & C. Cannon, “Research of Concrete Containing Scrap-tire Rubber for Pavement Construction”, in progress.

J. Gonzalez and M. Malek, “Design of a Solar Power System”, The American Professional Constructor Journal, accepted for publication, 2011.

M. Malek, “Development of a Constructability Model for the Construction Industry”, Journal of Management Science and Engineering. Refereed and Peer Reviewed.  Volume 5, Number 2, June 2011.

A. Jiang, R. Issa, M. Malek, “Construction Project Cash Flow Planning by Pareto Optimality Efficiency Network Model”, Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, Refereed and Peer Reviewed. 2011. 

M. Malek and J. Gonzalez, “Solar Power System for a UNF Habitat Container”, Journal of Florida Engineering Society, Florida Engineering Society, 2011. Refereed and Published.  May 2011.

M. Malek, A. Jiang, and A. El-Safty, Business Strategy and Capital Allocation Optimization Model for Practitioners”, Journal of Management in Engineering, January, Refereed and Peer Reviewed 2011, Volume 27, #1.

M. Malek, “The Correlation Between Safety Practices in Construction and Occupational Health”,   Management Science and Engineering Journal, Refereed and Peer Reviewed Vol. 4, No.3, 2010.  

M. Malek, “A Synthesis on Safety and National Security Analyzing the Effects of Biochemical Threats on HVAC System Requirements and Recommendations for Commercial and Federal Buildings”, The American Professional Constructor Journal, 2008.

M. Malek, “Structural Analysis of the World Trade Center”, The American Professional Constructor Journal, October 2004, Volume 28. Number 2.

M. Malek, “A Case Study: Application of Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) Methodology on A Tower Construction Project”, The American Professional Constructor Journal, October 2004, Volume 28. Number 2.

M. Malek, “Historical Building Restoration in the Jacksonville, Florida Area”, The International Association for the Management of Technology, 2003.

M. Malek, “Technological Advances in Geothermal Energy Applications in Construction”, The 38th Annual Conference of the Association of Schools of Construction  International Conference, April, 2002

Refereed Conference Proceedings Publications and Oral Presentations

M. Malek, M. Jackson “Nondestructive Concrete Distress Investigation”, International Association for Management of Technology Conference, 2011. Refereed. Paper Presented and Chaired the session.

M. Malek, “Modeling and Measurement of Project Constructability”, Annual Conference of the Association of Egyptian-American Scholars, Dec. 27, 2010.   Paper Presented and Chaired the session.

R. Soares and M. Malek, “Improving Management of Solid Waste in Buildings”, 5th International Conference on Construction in the 21th Century, Collaboration and Integration in Engineering, Management and Technology, May 20, 2009.

M. Malek, “Case Study: Concrete Distress Investigation”, Canadian Civil Engineering Conference, June, 2005.

M. Malek, “Long Distance Learning Using Innovative Web Based Technology, Case Study for Long Distance Learning between the University of North Florida (UNF) and the American University in Cairo (AUC)”, The Associated School of Construction (ASC) Conference, 2003. (nominated best paper).

M. Malek, “Global Learning Technology and Assessment”, The International Association for Management of Technology 13th International Conference, April 2004.

M. Malek, “A Case Study:  Systematic Approach for Construction Site Layout”, The 28th The International Conference on Industry, Engineering, and Management System, 2001.

M. Malek, “Fuzzy Logic Modeling in Construction Engineering”, The 36th Annual Association of Schools of Construction  International Conference, April,  2000.

M. Malek,  “The Quantification of the Safety Criteria in the Construction Industry”, The International Association for Management of Technology 8th International Conference, March, 1999. 

M. Malek,  “High Temperature Annealing of a Carbon-Manganese Rail Steel”, The 2nd PEDAC International Conference, 1989. 

M. Malek, “Benchmarking the Constructability of the MIT Roof System on IBACOS Lab Home B Pittsburgh, PA”, Research Report, United States Department of Energy, May, 1995.  (Refereed, paper published in the conference proceedings.

M. Malek, “Benchmarking the Constructability of Innovative Net Shape Home-building Technologies”, Proceedings of the 22nd. International Association for Housing Science Symposium on Housing Construction and Financing, October 1994.

M. Malek, “Using the Pezometer to Increase Efficiency and Protect the Environment when Draining Borrow Pits”, Proceedings of The ASC Region II, November 1, 2007.



Courses Taught:

Developed a TLO class and acquired subsidy from the undergraduate studies and taught the Industrial Construction course for 2 years.  The developed class plans and executes the refurbishment of the container.  The project received substantial media attention and proved to be a very effective pedagogical tool.

Engineering Materials & Laboratory,

Mechanical and Electrical Systems,

Structure I,

Advanced Structural Systems II,


Project Management and Engineering, Project


Construction Project and Administration,

Construction Internship,

TLO class Industrial Construction.

The average ISQ (student surveys) for all classes taught was ~ 4 out of 5 with strong comments of satisfaction.


Project Scheduling,

Mechanical and Electrical, Structure I,

Advanced Structure II.




Engineering Economics

Computer Aided Design



Introduction to Structural Systems

Construction Project Management & Scheduling 

Engineering Materials & Laboratory

Engineering Economics

Elementary Surveying


·       Historical Building Restoration in the Jacksonville, Florida Area, UNF Board of Trustees, $5,000, (September, 2002).

·       Consulting contract for the selection of a specialized concrete sub contractor, Stone Wood Association, $6,500. (August, 2004).

·       Concrete inspection and testing, Stone Wood Association, $25,000 (October, 2005).

·       Internet Project Management Software, Primavera Corp., $250,000 (August, 2003)

·       Corporate fund raising for CM Department, ~$100,000.

·       Modified the CM curriculum to incorporate a new TLO course, Industrial Construction II, with a focus on modifying marine shipping containers for UNF Habitat applications such as housing, shelters, classrooms and libraries. CM students perform the design and construction modifications to the containers. The first two UNF Habitat Containers are to be shipped to South America. Others are in “construction”.

Received TLO grant and other university grants ~ $17,500 (2010 & 2011).

·       Community Based Learning Projects: 


o   Alden Road Exceptional Student/Rotary&

o   YCC HOUSING/Builders Care

o   School for orphans in the Philippines

o   Gateway project downtown Jacksonville


·       Member, Board of Trustees, American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), the accreditation body for construction academic programs in

America., (2010-2011). 

 ·       Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).


 ·       Member Associated Schools of Construction (ASC).


 ·       Member, Association of General Contractors of

Florida (AGCF).

 ·       Member, Associate Builders and Contractors (ABC).


 ·       Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker.

 ·       NE Florida Builders Association (NEFBA) representative to the ACCE.


 ·       Judge, High School French Competition, 1999, 2000 and 2001.


 ·       Fund Raising Volunteer, Church of Our Saviour.


 ·       Community Service, developed construction project schedule for HabiJax, Habitat for Humanity.


·       Professional Service, licensing exam classes for architects in Mechanical and Electrical Systems.


·       Member, Board of Directors, Stone Wood Condominium Association, 1993-1994. 


·       Judge, American General Contractors Association Horizon Award, 2008-2009.


·       At the request of Egypt’s National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education, taught a three day seminar on “How to Prepare for Accreditation in Construction Management”.

·       ACCE Program Evaluator participated in construction management accreditation reviews of the

University of Washington, 2007, and the University of Nevada, 2008.

·       Session Chair, 2011 International Association for Management of Technology Conference.  


·       Session Chair Science and Engineering 2010 Annual Conference of the Association of Egyptian-American Scholars. 




·       Established the UNF Chapter of Sigma Lambda Chi (SLC), the Honor Society for Construction Management students, 2003. Serve as Faculty Advisor to the UNF SLC student chapter.   


·       Established the

UNF Construction Management Infrastructure Research Center.

·       CCEC Member, UNF Institutional Review Board.


·       Judge, UNF Symposium for CECC 2006-2008.


·       Established Community Service Learning CM student projects in partnership with Builders Care and construction of a Philippines school building in partnership with the Rotary Club.


·       Group Leader,

State University of Florida Department Chairs Training.

·       CCEC Member, UNF Quality Enhancement Plan for SACS accreditation review.


·       Established an international cooperative agreement between UNF CM and Ecole Centrale and the Community College Lycee Livet in France.


·       Established an international cooperative agreement between UNF CM and the Graduate School of Engineering, EPF in Paris, France.


·       Established an international cooperative agreement between UNF CM and the School of Engineering and The American University in Cairo, Egypt for undergraduate and graduate studies.


·       CCEC member, UNF International Council.


·       Established an Articulation Agreement between UNF CM and

Santa Fe Community College.

·       Responsible for several “Employer’s Showcase”, a CCEC Career Fair. Generated ~$20,000 for the Dean’s Student Fund. 


·       Initiated a number of Distance Learning (DL) undergraduate CM courses. Secured agreement to initiate an MS in International Construction Management with the intent to offer the degree via DL.


·       Member, CCEC Technical Support Services Committee.


·       Member, CM Department Curriculum Review Committee.


·       Responsible for the partnership with the Coggin College of Business in establishing an MBA with a Concentration in Construction Management.


·       Chair, Search Committee for the selection of a new CM Departmental faculty member.


·       Member, Search Committee for the selection of a CM Departmental Head.


·       Member. UNF Collaborative International Studies and Research Committee.


·       Defined and implemented the CM Materials Laboratory for the CM academic program.


·       Defined and implemented a series of UNF Transformational Learning Opportunities (TLO) Study Abroad CM courses so that CM students can learn of construction practices in other countries.  CM Study Abroad courses have been conducted in

France, Egypt and Canada and continue each academic year.

·       Introduced construction software computing applications into the CM curriculum in areas such as project management and cost estimating.


·       Participated in the programming definition of the Science & Engineering building prior to its construction.


·       Program Evaluator for NAQAA (overseas accrediting body) accreditation review of the Engineering program at Assiut University.


·       CCEC Representative, UNF Quality Enhancement Executive Committee.


·       Initiated an e-Research Journal in Construction in cooperation with the UNF Library and Berkley Press.




·       Fluent in English, French and Arabic.

·       Nominated for undergraduate teaching award.

·       Nominated for senior faculty International award.

·       Best  Paper Award  at ASC conference, Clemson University, N.C., 2003

·       Award Paper Presentation at IAMOT conference, Miami, FL, 2010