57357 Takes The Lead in Cancer Awareness and Prevention Egypt Cancer Network 57357 & AFNCI (ECN) Co-funds a Major Cancer Awareness Campaign in Egypt

Rooted in 57357’s mission is its commitment to promoting cancer awareness, early detection and prevention as a demonstration of its social responsibility towards the community. Since its inception, the 57357 institution embarked on setting up a comprehensive cancer awareness program in collaboration with Hospital 57357’s   research department headed by Dr Samira Ezzat.

“Recent global research studies point out 5 factors which are believed to raise the incidence of cancer: unhealthy dietary habits, pollution (water, food & air), smoke, lack of exercise, and over exposure to the sun. With the aim of setting up an appropriate awareness program which would be relevant to our country’s conditions, we studied the prevalence of these factors in Egypt. Accordingly, in 2009, 57537 launched its first awareness campaign which tackled the dangerous effects of passive smoking especially on children”, said Dr. Ola Mohamed, who is responsible for awareness campaigns at 57357.

This specific campaign explained that cigarette smoke carries toxins which stick to furniture and could cause many diseases like asthma and cancer. They contaminate the body by penetrating the skin, and through breathing or swallowing. As such, babies who are playing or crawling on the floor are more likely to be infected than others.

In 2010, 57537 initiated a nutrition awareness campaign titled “For a
cancer-free home” which has been broadcasted every Ramadan up till now.
One of its most important messages regarding healthy nutrition is the
importance of ensuring food safety and hygiene, protecting it from bacteria so as not to overload the body’s immune system and make it more vulnerable to cancer.  The campaign also advises everyone to follow a healthy diet free of fats. Furthermore, it encourages school children to exercise.

During the past two years 57537 hosted two nutrition conferences and
printed a booklet which entailed a detailed safety guideline for buying, cooking and storing food.

In 2013, 57357’s nutrition awareness program included additional
valuable information: for example, it illustrated ways of making sure of
foods’ validity (through expiry date, packaging safety), safe storage methods (ex; handling and storing vegetables and fruits away from meat to prevent the transfer of microbes), warnings about the misuse of plastic containers and cooking in painted inner layer pottery. Additionally, the program included the issue of handling pesticides; useful tips were given to the farmer such as wearing mask, gloves, and protective clothing, as well as changing his clothes immediately once he is home. Moreover, he was advised to conform to the permitted amount of pesticides and to the time of harvesting as well as to follow spraying instructions. Warnings against lead poisoning were also diffused. Lead poisoning, which can result in retardation in children, occurs with the exposure to car fumes, iron rust, damaged water pipes, and
agricultural products irrigated by water from rusty pipes.

The 57357 Institution is committed to an on-going awareness program
through TV ads, conferences, and training sessions, affirms Ola Mohamed. It is noteworthy that Egypt Cancer Network 57357 &AFNCI (ECN)is co-funding an intensive TV campaign aiming at educating the public on cancer prevention and healthy living guidelines. Furthermore, a large number of booklets titled “Cancer Free Home” are given out during 57357 Foundation’s numerous events and programs. 57357 is also pursuing research studies related to healthy and safe nutrition and its effects on general health and cancer prevention.

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