Dallas teens making a difference for Hospital 57357

blanketsWhile most teens today are gathering over the weekend to talk about the latest boy  band, or who is the cutest in the class, or the latest fashion trends, a young group of Dallas teens were gathering for another reason.  They spent several weekends in a row making blankets for the children of Hospital 57357, to use while they are going through their chemo treatments.  The blankets (50 in all) were all hand made and sewn by the girls, with a little help from the adults.  The blankets were then sold for $20 each at the Dallas event on April 6.  All blankets were sold and will be sent to the kids in the hospital along with some handwritten get well cards. These teens are to be applauded for putting aside their own agendas and helping the children of Egypt.  Bravo girls!


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