ECN’s sponsors 57357 shares in a joint St. Jude/Children’s Cancer Center Lebanon pediatric oncology conference

Screen-Shot-2013-06-13-at-1On the occasion of both the 60th anniversary of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (SJCRH), Memphis TN, and the 10th anniversary of its affiliate, the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon(CCCL),   Hospital 57357 shared in their joint pediatric oncologyconference on May 11 and 12, 2013 in Lebanon. Thanks to 57357’s affiliate in the U.S., Egypt Cancer network (ECN), a tax deductible 501C3 non profit fundraising organization, a group of 57357 researchers and physicians were able to travel and share 57357’s unique  experience  and valuable findings in the pediatric oncology field for the MENA region. Titled “Childhood cancers: advances and regional changes” , the conference was attended by 14 countries and aimed at presenting advances in the field, specifically the treatment of childhood leukemia and to foster regional and international collaborations.

The conference also tackled innovative themes such as the development of new therapies based on the understanding of cancer biology to improve cure rates with least toxicities and leaving a patient’s genetics to decide on the best approach for treatment. In this respect, The St. Judeteam presented their experience of gathering genetic information of each and every patient and tailoring their treatment accordingly.

The 57357 Team composed of physicians and researchers gave an overview of the Hospital, its over-all survival rates and its future capacity expansion andquality enhancement projects including a new L.E. 10 million Genetics research unit funded by the Sciences and Technology Fund. Attendees expressed their appreciation for the Hospital’s constant pursuit of providing qualitytreatment, its present over-all survival statistics and its initiating efforts in genetics research, one of the latest fields in pediatric oncology treatment. Side meetings were held during which collaboration agreements were being forged between St. Jude’s top management and physicians and the 57357 Team in research work and leukemia treatment.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been ranked U.S.’s top children’s cancer hospital for 2010-11 by News & World Report’s Best Children’s Hospital rankings, receiving the best overall score for quality care. St. Jude is the first and only National Cancer Comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children and serves as an international resource to physicians and researchers.  Established in 1962 by the comedian of Lebanese origin, Danny Thomas, the renowned worldwide charitable hospital and research institution was established on the philosophy that it is the right of each and every child to receive the best of care. It is noteworthy that Hospital 57357 has been built according to the St.Jude’s model and on the basis of the same philosophy.     

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