57357 receives El Sharka Prize for volunteer work

6-450x265The Hospital is a model for the provision of free quality care and a leading example for change through the pursuit of education, training and scientific research.

In appreciation for 57357’s humanitarian role and work at the service of the community , it was awarded the 2014 “Al-Sharka prize for volunteer work” on the Arab region level and institutions category .
The setting up of the award takes place under the patronage of his highness Dr Al-Sheikh Sultan Ben Mohamed Al-Kasmy, El-Sharka ruler and supreme council member. His highness Al-Sheikh Ben Mohamed Ben Soltan AlKasmy, Crown Prince and El-Sharka Vice President gave the award to the winners. The award was received by Mr. Mahmoud Al-Tohamy , 57357 Foundation’s Executive Manager and Dr Sherif Abo El-Naga, Vice President of the Hospital for research, training, external relations, ICT, and Professor of pediatric Oncology .

El-Sharka prize for volunteer work is one of the first awards that support volunteer work in the United Arab Emirates and in the entire Arab world. It seeks to promote the value and role of volunteerism in the development of societies and progress of nations. The award highlights the importance of social responsibility in solving society’s problems, catering to the needs of the under-privileged and contributing to more cohesion among its different classes and segments.

The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357 has been chosen as a recipient of this award for its role, as a charitable non-profit organization, in introducing new concepts for fundraising and for the provision of free quality healthcare in Egypt. The Foundation was also recognized for its pursuit of training, education and scientific research as main channels for achieving quality, expansion and development, and progress.
The 57357 Foundation oversees the strategic direction of the Hospital which is considered as the largest Children’s Cancer Hospital in the world in terms of capacity. It is not merely a Hospital but a comprehensive center for fighting pediatric cancer and for providing the best quality care for all children for free and without discrimination.

The Awarding ceremony took place in the El Sharka Culture House in the presence of 55 other award winners including both individuals and institutions. Heading the ceremony was president of the Board of “El Sharka Volunteering Award”, Hamid Mohamed El Kattami, who praised His Highness, ruler of El Sharka for his patronage of the event and his support and encouragement to Volunteerism. Attending the ceremony were the Crown Prince, the Ruler’s deputy, Sheikha Hend bent Soliman Aal Khalifa, Princess Lamiaa bent Magued Aal So’oud, HE Gomaa El Magued, Board President of the college for Islamic and Arab studies in Dubai, the head of ElSharka Police, General Seif Mohamed Alzary and a number of El Sharka dignitaries and officials.

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