Bay Area Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our Bay Area event.  Below please find the different packages available for sponsorship.  Just click on ‘Sponsorship’ button to order your package.

  • Diamond  $ 5000.00
    • Table for 10 Guests
    • Recognition during the MC Acknowledgement Portion
    • Logo to be printed in the ECN newsletter to our donors 
    • Display of Sponsor Banner
    • Mention in the event printed program
    •  Shown on the screen
  • Gold   $ 2500.00
    • 5 guest Tickets
    • Display of Sponsor Banner
    • Mention in the event printed program
    • Shown on the screen
  • Silver $ 1500.00
    • 2 guest Tickets
    • Mention in the event printed program
    • Shown on the screen


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