More Dreams are Coming True to Bring Prosperity to Egypt

The Minster of Social Solidarity Lays the Foundation Stone of 57357’s Health Sciences Campus

The campus includes an advanced research center and the first proton therapy facility in The Middle East.

At Hospital 57357, our ambition has no limits… we do not just dream, but we act to make our dreams come true. That is why before the lapse of one year since we have opened the 60bed Tanta Branch and added another 60 beds to the Hospital’s main branch, we have recently launched the construction of one of the largest medical, educational and scientific projects in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. It is a huge project which shall bring forth prosperity to our beloved homeland and will contribute to the development and progress of healthcare and the achievement of great advancements in the field of pediatric cancer care and cure.

In the presence of Dr. Ghada Wali – the Minister of Social Solidarity – together with an assembly of top officials and public figures, we laid the foundation stone of the first phase of the project of establishing 57357’s Health Sciences Campus. This first phase includes a large out-patient facility and an administrative smart building with an advanced research center to be built on an area of 2500 square meter. It also includes a proton therapy set-up, the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa.

Minister Ghada Waly: Hospital 57357 represents the willpower of all Egyptians …
the relationship between the patients and the volunteers is unique”

Dr. Ghada Wali said that 57357 is not just a hospital but it represents the willpower of all the Egyptian people. It is an inspiring success story for us all. She further added that this prominent institution is founded on a number of outstanding rules and principles … such as quality, efficiency, focus on scientific research, professionalism and work mastery and embodies the regaining of confidence in Egyptians’ ability to achieve. Dr. Wali further stated “one of the most remarkable things I witnessed here is the unique relationship between the volunteers and the sick children.”

The Administrative Manager of Tahya Misr Fund: “We achieved great success in fighting Hepatitis C in cooperation with 57357.”

Gen. Akram Al-Nashar, the Administrative and Financial Manager of Tahya Misr Fund stated that the Fund found in Hospital 57357 the best partner to cooperate with in its campaign to eradicate Hepatitis Virus C, adding that 57357 provided the Fund with the best assistance and support as well as the most important lessons learnt.

Dr. Amr Salama: “57357 is a living example of coordination
between civil society and the Government.”

According to Dr. Amr Salama, the Chairman of 57357 Board of Trustees, the new project constitutes a living example of cooperation and coordination between civil society and the Government as the project is being established on a plot of land adjacent to Hospital 57357, which was allocated to the Hospital by the Cabinet of Ministers and Cairo Governor. He further added that this emphasizes the Government’s desire to support ambitious institutions and development projects.

The Hospital’s CEO to the Volunteers “Egypt will progress with your efforts
and will keep moving on as long as there are people like you.”

Dr. Sherif Abou El-Naga, Hospital 57357’s CEO, started his speech by introducing some volunteers from school pupils, who donate their time and effort to help and to cheer the patients. He also praised their efforts saying “Egypt will progress and will keep moving on as long as there are young people like you, who genuinely love their homeland and are keen to serve it.” He further stated that Hospital 57357’s new project aims at increasing the Hospital’s capacity, improving its facilities and providing it with the most advanced medical equipment so that it will be able to receive and treat more patients. This new project shall also ensure the provision of the most advanced treatment services to the children battling cancer and help achieving the highest rates of cure in the field of pediatric oncology.

Sheikh Mohamed Imam “God bless those who work for
and support this successful institution, this kind of work pleases God.”

Father Bolous “57357 is not just a successful project …
It embodies a message based on compassion and giving.”

The support and recognition of Egyptians to 57357 was manifested in the presence of Sheikh Mohamed Imam, who conveyed the greetings and support of Egypt Grand Imam Prof. Ahmed Altaib. Also Father Bolous conveyed the admiration and full support of his Holiness Pope Tawadros II to 57357 and its projects. Sheikh Imam said “I assure those who contribute to the success of this great project that their work pleases God. To the working staff and donors who assess this Hospital and exert efforts to cheer the patients and make them happy, I say that their reward is equivalent to that of pilgrimage or Umrah and may exceed it. A person may pass away but his/her good deeds will always last.” Father Bolous also commented saying “God grants us success but we, His worshipers, must work and build … that is why some institutions succeed while others fail. Looking at 57357, we see an ongoing success story that started in the nineties. However, it is not just a successful healthcare center, but it stands as an example of compassion and giving.”

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